How My Husband Booked His First Gig as a Model

August 9, 2017

“You are what you believe yourself to be.” ~ Paulo Coelho, Novelist & Lyricist


Near the beginning of our marriage, my husband quit his very secure, high~paying job as an Investment Analyst at a major corporation to start his own business.

While he was getting started, he decided that he wanted to go on auditions.

Yep. Acting auditions.

He asked me if I would give his picture and resume (that had 3 lines on it) to the new acting managers I had just signed on with. I loved his enthusiasm and so I handed it to my managers, we all had a good laugh and forgot about it.

Until one day, my managers called me and told me about a go~see (an audition for print ads). “And oh! You can bring your husband along ~ they’re looking for Asian men or women.”

At the time, I did not believe I was pretty enough to be in print ads, so each time I auditioned for them, I thought it was a waste of time. Now that my husband was going to get to come along, well that was just comedy gold!

I got to the go~see before him and signed him in. When he finally arrived, they were just calling his name. He walked straight into the audition room with barely a glance at me, fully loaded with winter coat and backpack.

He walked out smiling and confident. “That was easy. I think I got it.”

And guess what.


He booked that job. He appeared in a newspaper ad that read: “Don’t let your customers get this angry” ~ his scrunched~up, angry face appearing underneath.

My husband went to one audition believing he could book a print ad job. He did.

I went on countless print ad auditions believing I wasn’t pretty enough. I never booked one.

That’s when I made a decision. If my husband could book one on his first audition, I was no longer going to tell myself that I wasn’t pretty enough. I changed my belief.

And guess what.

I booked the next print ad job I auditioned for. No joke. And a bunch more later.

So, here’s what I believe…

If there is a part of you (conscious or unconscious) that believes that you can’t have or don’t deserve to have what you really want ~ you may be taking lots of actions, saying all the right things, believing that you believe you can have what you want…

BUT. You will work against yourself. You will expend energy that moves you in the opposite direction of what you want and you won’t know why things aren’t working out.

We create our lives based on the stories we tell ourselves ~ our beliefs ~ and we will go to incredible lengths to prove those stories/ beliefs true. Is the belief that you are holding about yourself and what you want to create in your life the belief you want to prove true? 

If not, you may need to go through a letting go process. Or perhaps it’s as simple as asking yourself: “What is the new belief I want to prove true?”


p.s. My husband went on one more audition after that and didn’t book it. He said, “This sucks” and quit acting.

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