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November 14, 2016

“Radical Aliveness creates a space where everything can be felt. We are doing this work to make space around the places that we don’t want to feel. Anything we refuse to feel we will pass on.”  ~ Ann Bradney, Founder of Radical Aliveness

Nine years ago, and nine years after we got married, I got into the worst fight I’d ever had with my husband at a hotel in Memphis. I was screaming at him and at some point, I shoved him. He shoved back. I threw an apple at him ~ hard ~ and it hit the middle of his chest ~ right in his heart. It hurt him. I was glad. I told him to get out and he left the room.

A minute later, there was a knock on the door. I told him to go away and then a voice that was not my husband’s spoke. When I opened the door, a police officer, a security guard and the hotel manager stood there. There had been some complaints about noise and they wanted to make sure everything was okay.

I told them everything was okay. The officer asked, “Are you sure? Do you need help?” looking from me to my husband who was standing right behind them outside the door. I felt awful. They were assuming he was the one to blame.

After they left, we were raw for a while, months. We got help. And after a while our hearts mended, our marriage survived, and our love grew. Maybe a year later, I said to my husband, “I wish that had never happened. Now, we will always have that memory.” And his response healed my shame, “I’m glad that happened. Now, we know how strong our relationship is.”

Right now, people are hurting. I want to hold space for those who are in pain, in fear, in rage, who need support and connection. Because without that space to feel your hurt, you will hurt others or yourself…consciously or unconsciously. I know this, I really know it. But if you’re willing to feel it all the way, you will see just how strong you really are. Flowers can still grow from cracks in the cement.

David Sutcliffe and I held a 3~hour Post-Election process group this Saturday. It was intense, scary at moments, hopeful at others, messy, truly radically ALIVE. People needing to be heard. People needing to listen. People sharing their vulnerable truth. People wanting to leave, but staying in it all the way. And there was true compassion, deeper understanding, and loving connection. By the end, it felt like we had just gotten started.

And so, we are offering a 5 week Post~Election Process group series. 5 Wednesdays from 7~9pm in Hollywood starting this Wednesday, November 16th. If you are needing a space to feel, to explore, to witness, to connect, join us.


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