My Intention

To co~create a safe space with you to expand the definition of who you are as a human being.

To offer a place for you to feel what is going on in your body ~ physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and soulful ~ a place where old wounds may get healed and deep emotional release may occur.

To support you in embodying your creative life force so that you can become the person you are meant to be.

What I do

I listen. With heartfelt curiousity. To your words. To your energy. To your body.

I see. I see things you may not be aware of about yourself and gently coax those places into your consciousness and help you integrate them.

I feel. I’m highly empathic and intuitive. Most likely, so are you. You guide me and I guide you. So, I think of a session as a highly co~creative process.

In my office, there’s space to move around and tools to help release any stuck energy in your body ~ a mattress, a foam cube with a tennis racquet, a punching bag, etc. We may use the tools, we may not. We may make up something completely new.

Why work with me

You want to be in a relationship or leave a relationship
You want to have a family or you have issues with your family
You want to be doing what you love and making an abundant living from it
You want to connect more deeply to your intuition
You want help setting boundaries physically, emotionally or energetically
You want guidance in your marriage
You want more sexual fulfillment in your partnership
You want deep creative fulfillment
You want to be restored in your confidence in yourself and who you are

What happens doing this work

Everyone has their own unique experience, but generally, there may be discomfort uncovering and processing the unconscious feelings and beliefs that have kept you blocked. You might feel some fear opening to what wants to come to and through you. There is sometimes grief of letting go of old patterns that no longer serve you.

And then, you may experience a new sense of power and a new sense of freedom.

My clients have shared inspiring breakthroughs while working with me and you can read a few here. They leave relationships that are unhealthy and enter into genuinely supportive, loving relationships. They begin earning money doing what they truly love. They let go of addictions. They create boundaries that allow them to stand in their truth. They book jobs. They have babies. They feel empowered and alive in their bodies. They feel genuinely happier.

Who I work with

I work with a very limited number of clients ~ people who are committed upfront. I have found that when you make a deep commitment, your whole being knows it and prepares itself for a metamorphosis.

I have worked with all kinds of artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, managers, healers, high school students, ministers, mothers and fathers.

But essentially, I work with people who are truly willing and ready to change.

Where I work

I work out of a lovely office in Hollywood, California. I also do Skype sessions.

How to begin the process of working with me

If you feel called to work with me, contact me.

We’ll set up a free 30~45 minute Introduction Call where we can get to know each other a little better.

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