Why a Good Locksmith Is Essential

October 28, 2016

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  ~ Carl Jung, Founder of Analytical Psychology


Last week when I got home to my apartment, I put my key in the front door, turned it and suddenly the key got jammed. It wouldn’t come out of the lock and I couldn’t open the door. It stayed stuck in that turned position.


It was just before 6pm. I was already late for my dance class. I called the building manager and luckily she was still around. She came up and tried to turn the key several times. She tried so hard, her finger actually started bleeding. She called the Super. He came up and gave it a try. No luck. She called the locksmith. They both left. I waited. For hours. No dance class.

When the locksmith finally came, he looked at the key, tried to turn it and seemed mystified. I was losing hope.

“Are you going to be able to open my door?” I asked uncertainly.

He didn’t answer but said he had to go get something and he’d be back. When he returned, he was carrying a toolbox of tricks. He pulled out one after another of his old reliables. Nothing worked.

Then, he asked me the magic question: “Do you have something hanging from your door handle?” I remembered the Trader Joe’s bag I had hung there the day before. “Yes”, I replied meekly. He grabbed a large wire and put it under my door and started jangling it about and VOILA! Open sesame!

He told me that by hanging the bag on the handle, it caused the handle to turn. Which then turned the lock. Which then caused the key to get stuck.


How was I supposed to know that?? When the key got stuck, I got so upset I was blaming the lock, the building people for installing such a low~quality lock, God, my husband (I mean, he lives there too so why not?) ~ everyone but myself.

How humbling to discover that it was ME that caused myself the problem.

It made me think how so many of us are walking around unconscious of the ways that we are blocking ourselves from having the things we say that we want. And why it’s so important to have people outside of ourselves, sometimes specialized people, who can gently pinpoint precisely what we are doing to unknowingly prevent our entry into the front door…

The only way I was able to discover what was blocking me was to call the locksmith. Not the janitor or the plumber or even the building manager. It was the locksmith who was able to not only help me get inside but also tell me how I was locking myself out.

So, if you’re feeling stuck or blocked in some way and can’t get through to the other side, don’t blame God or your husband ~ you may just need a good locksmith.

I’m a locksmith of sorts:-) I help people become conscious of the ways they have been blocking themselves. Clients I work with come to me saying things like:

* I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. I need help rising to the next level.

* I need help with the motivation to be my best self with a plan to implement that.

* I want to be in a loving relationship but I feel scared because of past experiences.

* I’m feeling jealous of others doing what they love and shining.

If this is you, email me and let’s set up a call to see how I might help you open the door.


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